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Sendal Imut, Unik, dan Lucu
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Sendal Imut, Unik, dan Lucu


Sandals Cute, Unique and Funny ( IMUCU) .
Latest Business Opportunities: Wanted Reseller IMUCU Sandals ( Cute, Unique and Stunning) for all of Indonesia. These sandals are made from quality materials that will sponge feels comfortable when memakainya.yang have a variety of motives that is very loved by society because of the Cute, Unique, and Cute. Complete the uniqueness of your style by wearing sandals unik.Saatnya Imut and we look different with stylish sandals.

Resellers Wanted for Marketing Sandals IMUCU ( Cute, Unique and Stunning) throughout Indonesia

* Product is sold on the Market
* Product is very liked by the community for its unique and funny
* The price is very affordable for all levels of society
* Product is still scarce in the market
* Have a great chance for success because the product does not exist in modern pasar2: malls, plazas, etc..

Requirements to become Reseller slipper IMUCU ( Cheap and Easy)

1. Rp.250.000 minimum initial purchase of the product
2. Next purchases are making minimum free tampa
3. On the responsibility of shipping costs by Reseller

Keutungan Reseller:
* Prices are much cheaper
* Fortunately, very large
* The small losses
* If there are goods that can be exchanged kejual no model or size

Sandals Excellence IMUCU:
1. This slipper is made of sponge material which berkualitan so the wearer will feel comfortable when wearing them.
2. This product is not sold in the market-modern markets, such as: malls, Plaza, etc.. so you have a great opportunity to sell it.
3. Has a big advantage
4. The form is very popular in the Market
5. Eye Catching Colors
6. where suitable and not easily deflated aja
7. Keren abis and not ashamed - maluin

Call: Telkomsel: 0852 6683 7466 ( sms / call)
Indosat: 0857 2267 5791 ( sms / call)
Esia: 022 9302 5104 ( phone)
E-mail: sendalimutdanlucu@ yahoo.com

Do not hesitate to Call or SMS because we will be ready to serve you with pleasure

Address: Arum geger no.57 / Rt.04 Rw.06. Kel.Isola, Kec.Sukasari, the city of Bandung.

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